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TRKI Social Research Inc. is an independent, employee-owned research organisation that specialises in policy research in the fields of social policy and the social consequences of economic policies. This includes related data-collection, archiving and statistical activities. We recently increased our involvement in the areas of strategic market research and health policy analysis. In addition, we regularly contribute to basic research, in the areas of social stratification and inequality, and to the methodology of empirical social research.

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Data mining

Data mining - the beginnings

In the last ten years, the data-mining industry has undergone a remarkable change. Until the middle of the decade, consumer research had been almost the only reliable source of information on a company's customers. However, technological strides then enabled the creation of so-called 'data warehouses', where a great mass of information on customers could be stored. Later on, it was the data warehouses that made customer behaviour-based data analysis techniques possible (OLAP - On Line Analytic Processing). Actually, data mining is a category that incorporates the artificial intelligence algorithms that are able automatically to detect inner correlations in vast data masses.
Nowadays, any corporate enterprise in the financial, telecommunications or retail sectors is almost unimaginable without a data warehouse and associated data-mining analysis.

Data mining - nowadays

Data mining has today reached its maturity, which means:
  • There is a plethora of data-mining software on the market - tools providing so-called integrated solutions survived (SPSS, SAS).
  • Companies that provide data-mining consulting have sprung up, and separate data-mining departments have been created inside several enterprises.
  • Various project-management methodologies have been accepted.
  • Data-mining solutions have undergone continuous change, and some have appeared in the form of separate products.
Furthermore, it is an indication of data mining's maturity that it is even considered suitable for tackling several problems that were formerly deemed part of the realm of market research. At the present time, data mining is still on an upward curve; its role in decision-making processes will continue to grow in years to come.

Data mining - within TRKI

In 2005, in response to the developments outlined above, TRKI created a new consultancy called TRKI-Data Research Kft. This company is managed by one of the leading data-mining experts in Hungary, Gyula Kovcs. The main objectives of the company are as follows:
  1. to provide quality data-mining consulting;
  2. to develop the collective scope of data mining and market research;
  3. to place on a new footing research into customer behaviour, through the joint application of behavioural and customer-attitude analysis.
To this end, TRKI-Data Research Kft. undertakes the following tasks:
  • performing traditional data-mining analysis (behaviour-based customer segmentation, churn forecast, cross-selling analysis, risk modelling, web-mining, life expectancy calculation, etc.);
  • designing customer decision-making models (e.g. to build a product portfolio or to calculate complex price elasticity functions);
  • developing customer-intelligence databases (integrating transaction and research data into a common database).
We believe that TRKI-Data Research Kft. excels among data-mining consultancies by setting itself high standards and by harnessing the knowledge base accumulated at TRKI.