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On the roles of social science archives

Criticism is what inspires the growth of knowledge - at least in societies that are influenced by the Western world's tradition of rational discourse. In this sense, social research archives create a space for the critical discussion of research results by providing access to data already published and analysed by others. Quite apart from their function of placing research datasets in the public domain and ensuring equal access to them, data archives also increase the cost-effectiveness of research by making primary data collections available for secondary analysis. 

Welcome to TRKI Data Archive!

Enter to TRKI Nesstar Server for online browsing data collections. Note that this server does not contain all studies archived by TRKI. You can search the entire catalogue here.

Mission statement of TRKI Data Archive

  • long-term preservation of digital research datasets from domestic and international studies;
  • keeping pace with technological change and participation in the development of data archiving standards;
  • providing access to data collections of empirical studies for users communities;
  • facilitating effective data use by providing access to our own and to our partners' collections.
The mission of our archive is to provide infrastructure service, and support for all stakeholders in social research.

Things You Might Want to Know about TÁRKI Data Archive

  • TÁRKI Data Archive stores data collections of empirical social research.
  • The data collections contains factographic (ie. numerical) data.
  • The research data are mostly from survey research, but we also archives other factographic data collections (eg. historical data, census, etc).
  • The datasets are available in digital (machine readable) format.
  • The data collections that contains personal data about natural persons - ie. about real people - are anonymized.
  • We store the datasets in SPSS (system and partable) and ASCII formats.
  • Users need special analytical tools (statistical software) and skills to use the data collections.
  • Some of the documentation is available only in Hungarian. We provide translation service to users at cost.
  • We provide assistance to Hungarian users in obtaining international data collections from our partners (CESSDA, ICPSR).

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