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15 December 2014

International Project meeting and conference hosted by TARKI

TARKI hosted the 6th Project Management Team meeting of the ImPRovE (Poverty Reduction in Europe: Social Policy and Innovation) project on 26-28 November 2014 in Budapest. The meeting provided an opportunity to discuss deliverables that are close to be finalized, as well as to provide input for the ongoing work on how can the conditions be improved to move towards Europe 2020.

The two-days project meeting has been combined with a dissemination event on "Policy programmes to promote social inclusion among Roma", organized by TARKI with the support of the State Secretariat of Social Affairs and Inclusion of the Ministry of Human Resources. Project results from Workpackage 10 were presented at the seminar (Integration policies focused on Roma) an to the social innovation programmes examined by Workpackage 11 (Assessing socially innovative policies and actions). Keynote speeches were provided by Andreay Ivanov (Fundemantal Rights Agency) on the social situation of the Roma and by Gabor Kertesi (Institute of Economics - HAS) on role of education in promoting the social inclusion of the Roma. The Project results were completed by experiences of other international organizations being active in the field and the region (European Union, World Bank, Roma Decade Secretariat, Roma Education Fund). In addition, related results of the NEUJOBS (Creating and Adapting Jobs in Europe in the Context of a Socio-ecological Transition - FP7) project were also presented at the seminar. Finally, successful local initiatives in education from Italy, Hungary and Slovakia, were persented.

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