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15 May 2014

New project in focus: Integrative and Disintegrative Processes of the Hungarian society

HAS Centre for Social Sciences Institute for Sociology involved Tárki in their research of "Integrative and Disintegrative Processes of the Hungarian Society" between 2013 – 2016. The project is financed by the Hungarian Scientific Research Fund (OTKA).

The project aims to explore integrative and disintegrative processes of the Hungarian society from a sociological perspective, offers an interpretation of Hungarian society which resonates with experiences of those studies which unfolded stratification and inequalities and which contributes to the methodological and thematic renewal of sociology and provides new knowledge about contemporary Hungarian society.

The research will examine seven broader topics, including social stratification, value structure, the world of work, the areas of social relations, networks and trust (family, local communities and civil society) territorial inequalities, social institutions (education, social care system, healthcare system etc.), and common images about society.

Tarki is leading the "world of work" package and will prepare and collect the quantitative data for further analysis.