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12 April 2012

European National Transfer Accounts

National Transfer Accounts (NTA) is a system for measuring economic flows across age at the aggregate level in a manner consistent with National Accounts. These intergenerational flows arise primarily because of a fundamental feature of the economic lifecycle: children and the elderly consume more than they produce through their labour. NTA provides estimates of the components of the economic lifecycle and the interage flows that inevitably arise.

The global NTA project is co-directed by Ronald Lee and Andrew Mason. The European NTA is coordinated by Thomas Lindh.

The NTA research community held its 8th global meeting in Brazil in December 2011. TARKI researchers held three presentations (on time series of generational accounts, on introducing age into household satellite accounts and on NTA in Europe) as well as convened one of the working groups on Transfer Account Indicators.

Please, find further details on NTA here, on the European NTA project here and on the 8th global meeting here.

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