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19 March 2012

TÁRKI reports on the Concordia Discors research project

TÁRKI Social Research Institute hosted neighbourhood forums for children, parents and policy experts in Kőbánya, Budapest in the Concordia Discors research project. Download the presentations about the forums and the current state of the research after the fieldwork, media and policy analyses.

Concordia Discords is a project, funded by the EU Integration Fund, which is aimed at investigating the dynamics of integration through the analysis of intergroup relations at neighbourhood level in five European cities: Torino, Barcelona, Nuremberg, London and Budapest. It has both scientific and practical goals, which are pursued through the application of a variety of tools, the combination of which is one of the most challenging and innovative features of the project.

The city that is being analysed in Hungary is Budapest. In reconstructing the preconditions of conflicts as well as of the absence of conflicts, the project aims to gain knowledge about possibilities to avoid conflicts. Both the local comparison and the comparison between the participating countries serve as tools for developing recommendations for inter-ethnic relations in the context of city neighbourhoods. The method of analysis combines ethnographic research, policy and media analysis as well as the analysis of municipal statistics.

TÁRKI organized the neighbourhood forums in Kőbánya, Budapest in January, 2012 for children, parents and experts. TÁRKI's researchers presented the current state of conducted fieldwork, media and policy analyses in March in Brussels.

Download the presentations:

- Neigbourhood Forums in Kőbánya, Budapest

- Fieldwork, media and policy analyses

For more information on the project visit the project website, or follow TÁRKI Social Research Institute at: