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27 January 2012

TARKI appears on global think tanks' ranking

TARKI Social Research Institute was ranked on the 30th place on the list of The Think Tanks and Civil Society Program among the Top Social Policy Think Tanks in 2011. The program produces the annual Global Go-To Think Tank Index that ranks world’s leading think tanks with the help of a panel of over 1500 peer institutions and experts from the print and electronic media, academia, public and private donor institutions and policymakers.

The Rankings’ primary objective is to recognize some of the world’s leading public policy think tanks and highlight the notable contributions these institutions are making to governments and civil societies worldwide.

Read and download the whole report of The Think Tanks and Civil Society Program.

Open publication

JANUARY 19, 2012
James G. McGann, Ph.D. Director
Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program
International Relations Program
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA USA 19104-6305
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