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27 October 2011

Cultures and/of Globalization - publication from the ENRI-EAST project

New study of Lyudmila Nurse and Endre Sik, titled "Identities and Music: Identity of Place and Cultural Identities of Generations. Hungarian 3G Case Study", has been published in the book "Cultures and/of Globalization".

This book explores the ways in which study of culture as the realm of meaning and identity can inform current debates about globalization and thus afford greater understanding of emergent globalities. By drawing on a range of disciplinary and sub-disciplinary expertise from across the social sciences and also promoting areas of cross-disciplinary research, the book contributes to the development of theory on globalization and also provides some significant illustrations of (cultural) globalization in practice through attention to novel empirical sites and issues. These include eminently cultural realms such as music, film and architecture and those that are invested with a strong cultural component, such as migration and education.

The study of Lyudmila Nurse and Endre Sik, titled "Identities and Music: Identity of Place and Cultural Identities of Generations. Hungarian 3G Case Study" was based on research conducted in the ENRI-East project. ENRI-East is a research project implemented in 2008-2011 and primarily funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Program. This international and inter-disciplinary study is aimed at a deeper understanding of the ways in which the modern European identities and regional cultures are formed in the Eastern part of the European continent.

ENRI-East addresses four general research themes. The first concerns the interplay of identities and cultures by comparing "mother nations" and their "residual groups abroad". The second theme takes a cross-cutting approach, which addresses nations and the states; namely, the attitudes and policies of "mother nations" and "host nations" towards "residual groups" and vice versa. The third research theme comprises the reality of self-organization and representation of “residual groups abroad” (ethnic minorities) along the East European borderland. The last theme of the project deals with path dependencies, historical memories, present status and expected dynamics of divided nations in Eastern Europe.

Read and download the table of contents and introduction of the book.

Open publication

Cultures and/of Globalization
Editor: Barrie Axford and Richard Huggins
Date Of Publication: Oct 2011
Isbn13: 978-1-4438-3217-5
Isbn: 1-4438-3217-0

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