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21 October 2011

Population aging and the generational economy: A global perspective

TARKI senior researchers Róbert Iván Gál and Márton Medgyesi were contributors to the 2011 book Population ageing and the generational economy: A global perspective produced by Edward Elgar Publishing.

The book is a unique, comprehensive analysis of global population aging and its effects on the economy using National Transfer Accounts. NTA is a system for measuring economic flows across age at the aggregate level in a manner consistent with National Accounts. These intergenerational flows arise primarily because of a fundamental feature of the economic lifecycle: children and the elderly consume more than they produce through their labour. NTA provides estimates of the components of the economic lifecycle and the interage flows that inevitably arise. The book is a result of a seven-year long research effort involving economists and demographers from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the United States. The project is coordinated and the volume is edited by lead authors Ronald Lee and Andrew Mason.

Please, find further information on the book here and on the NTA project here.