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Panel Study of Income Dynamics

Luxembourg Employment Study

Panel Comparability Project: (PACO)

Luxembourg Income Study

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Luxembourg Income Study: Összehasonlító jövedelemadatok
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Szelényi Iván születésnapi tanulmányok az Internettón
Judit Bodnár and
József Böröcz : 
Housing Advantages for the Better-Connected?
Institutional Segmentation, Settlement Type and Social Network Effects in Hungary’s Late State-Socialist Housing Inequalities
John Campbell:  An institutional analysis of fiscal reform in postcommunist europe
Gil Eyal: Anti-Politics and the Spirit of Capitalism
Zsuzsa Ferge: Is there a ‘public philosophy’ in Central-Eastern Europe? 
Equity of distribution ‘then’ and ‘now’
Éva Fodor: Carde politics, carde recruitment, 1949-1995
Robert M. Jenkins: Stabilizing the Democratic Transition: The 1990 Hungarian Parliamentary Elections
Éva Kuti: Nonprofit organizations as social players in the period of transition: roles and challenges
Bill Martin:  Transforming the contemporary ‘new middle class’: from professionals and managers to ‘bricoleurs’?
Jiri Musil:  Cities as mavericks – The challenge to extreme political ideologies
Smith, Philip: Variations on a Set of Themes: Barbarism and Civility in the Discourses of Fascism, Communism, and Democracy
Júlia Szalai: Poverty and Social Policy in Hungary in the 1990s
Eleanor Townsley: “Liberal” academics and the U.S. government in the 1960s