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Hungarian Gender Databank


One of the fundamental terms of realization of equal opportunity between sexes is to provide a statistics which is broken down by sexes, further gender sensitive statistics. The aim of providing gender sensitive statistics is to give a faithful overview about the social and economical situation of women and men. On one hand the gender sensitive statistics means that in all the areas of statistics, where it is possible the data should be also presented broken down by sexes. On the other hand it also means new areas of data collection, which are important from the point of view of inequalities between women and men, but so far partly or totally they have remained unrevealed. Concerning to the first point of view the Hungarian statistical publications are observed sufficient. The Hungarian Central Statistical Office usually publishes their data broken down by sexes, too. However, in many cases data broken down by sexes are not enough. Can be also important to know some data broken down by e.g. marital status, number of children, age-group, etc.

More us to do in the areas, which are very important from the point of view of gender inequalities – e.g. criminal statistics, victimization, violence in the family – these areas hardly visible in the national statistics. We should add these gender-sensitive areas are those which requires more sensitive research methods compare to other issues. Therefore should be stressed that next to the statistics, also important to make surveys which in some cases can be more adequate for gaining information on gender-sensitive issues.

» Statistics broken down by gender (only in Hungarian)

This cross table collection is a selection of the statistics and survey results about Hungarian women and men, which was first published as the Appendix of the Changing Roles 1999. The editors aim was to include all the important areas of social statistics, the Sweden statistical pocketbook Women and Men 1998 served them as a model. Major part of the data were prepared by the team of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office, the tables on social survey results about women situation and gender roles in Hungary were compiled by the staff of the TÁRKI.

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